Talent Garden Tirana Opening – May 6, 2015

Talent Garden Tirana Opening – May 6, 2015

We are a global platform that accelerates and celebrates digital innovation. It is one of the largest international networks for digital professionals.

Talent Garden (TAG) is the first international network of CoWorking Campuses witha focus on digital. The first seat had been opened in 2011 Brescia, Italy. Talent Garden is a coWorking federation with a model alike to franchising, which allows to create new campuses all around the world.

It is a space for tech/digital/creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, and companies – all the digital ecosystem members to meet, work, learn and collaborate with each other. TAG also runs events, business development sessions, educational activities, and helps traditional businesses to innovate.


We put digital professionals, unique and creative space design, learning opportunities and perks of the global network at the center of everything we do.

On Talent Garden Tirana

Talent Garden Tirana is the first TAG campus in Albania. The goal is to establish a cozy, high quality working space for the local digital professionals and bridge them with the rest of the network.

Tirana is new in the international map of coworking spaces and TAG Tirana will put a focus on digital/creative/tech professionals who are running sustainable activities, are seeking for a creatively designed, higher standard working space to keep up work-life balance and for an international network where to plug their products, services and experience.

Value for TAG members

Bringing together the pre-selected digital professionals who can value from each other.

Offering them the best services to sustain & accelerate their growth.

Connecting them with each other to foster collaboration and joint projects.

Connecting them with traditional business to foster digital innovation.

Creating a global bridge between local ecosystems.

Value for Sponsoring partners

TAGing your brand. Promoting the brand within TAG Tirana space (with flyers and brochures) and on the online platforms of TAG Tirana (website and Facebook page).

Promoting products and services that might be of interest to the members of TAG Tirana space and to the network of professionals who are subscribed to the TAG website & newsletter.

Presenting and sharing job calls for hiring project specialists (presentation events to present projects are also possible).

Getting acquainted with the CVs of the members of TAG Tirana space.

Being informed on new solutions being developed by TAG members which could help innovating your business.

Receiving more favorable conditions for the usage of TAG Tirana space for company events.

Being invited in activities to be organized by TAG Tirana.

Numbers and Facts for TAG Tirana

Address: Street “Donika Kastrioti”, Building 14, Floor 12-13

Space size: 400 sq.m

Capacity: +40 members, two meeting rooms, chill and lunch area

Network size: Other 12 campuses in Europe. All the Talent Garden Tirana members can freely move within the network and work from different campuses for free.

Official Opening: May 6.

Registration for the Opening Event: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/talent-garden-tirana-opening-event-tickets-16691875850?aff=ehomecard



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